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Welcome to Add Design

Graphic design for web and print - made positively easy

Welcome to Add Design, a graphic design agency based in Colchester. Promoting your company is such a big part of business these days that having a great graphic design company onside to help you can be a godsend.

Yet not all graphic designers are created equal. Some are too busy, some too big (read ‘bank-breaking’), too small (one man and a cat), or too demanding (hissy fits in velvet jackets). Not Add Design. We are a graphic design agency, based in Colchester who work with you to create fantastic graphic and website design that’ll set you apart and take you forward, not only will we design it for you we will print it and deliver it, or publish it online. And because we can also work online, it doesn’t matter if you’re here in Colchester, Essex, in London or in Inverness. We’re right by your side, armed with shedloads of experience.

How Does it Work?

It’s more straightforward than a straight line. Meet us at our office for tea and Hobnobs if you like. Otherwise, we can work with you online providing design drafts directly to your in-box. And we’re easier to work with than putty, thanks to your dedicated account handler. Our aim is to make the creation of your promotional material as easy and stressfree as possible - saving you time and saving you money.


We already provide creative solutions for companies, councils and charities in Essex, Suffolk, London and across the rest of the UK and we would love to do the same for you. To find out more about the quality of our online graphic design service, take a look around our website, call one of our Graphic Design advisors on 0845 6436 395 or drop us an enquiry today.