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Want a new website? Here’s 10 reasons to choose WordPress

So you want a new website. Your old one just doesn’t cut it anymore. It’s looking tired, it’s out of date and you can’t do anything with it. Chances are, you don’t have the time or the expertise to design and build one yourself, and that’s where we come in. We design it, we build it and then we hand it over to you, where it remains untouched for another 5 years and then you start all over again. Sound familiar? Not quite what you had in mind?

In this day and age when your website says everything about your brand and business, and where up-to-date content is an immensely important marketing tool, you’ll want to get your hands dirty and take control of your website. And that’s where content management systems (CMS) come in.

What is a content management system (CMS)?

A CMS is a software tool that allows the content manager or author, (who may not have any coding experience or web design knowledge), to create, edit, and publish content for a website without needing the expertise of a Webmaster.

There are many CMS platforms available, so if you’re not a digital guru, how do you go about choosing the right one?

Well, here at Add Design, we’ve tinkered around with our fair share and we reckon we’ve found the best one – it’s called WordPress and here are 10 reasons we think it’s the right choice for you and your business.

1. Worldwide Popularity

WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS – it is a proven software trusted by millions of people and large and small businesses alike. In fact over 25% of all websites viewed on the Internet are powered by WordPress. Lots of developers know about WordPress so your website will always be in safe hands.

2. User Friendly

One of the many reasons WordPress is used by so many people worldwide is its intuitive functionality and ease of use. It’s as simple as using Microsoft Word and it requires no coding experience or web design knowledge. It has an extremely user-friendly backend with a simple left hand menu which contains everything you need to edit your website from pages to posts and menus to plug-ins.

3. Easy to add functionality 

Whether you want to manage your events, take bookings, capture form data or create a beautifully crafted image gallery, there are plenty of great plug-ins that can help add functionality to your website. In fact there are over 37,000 free plug-ins, and plenty more available to purchase, designed by a vibrant, expert WordPress community. Plug-ins help to reduce the costs of bespoke functionality and ultimately the development of your website.

4. Stable, secure and robust

WordPress is supported by a large open-source community of users and web developers who are continually working on improving and refining the software. Vulnerabilities are quickly discovered and patches alleviating the problems are often developed and released within hours of an issue being diagnosed. It is the most stable, secure and robust of all the CMS platforms making installing, upgrading and maintaining simple.

5. Making SEO easy

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is becoming an increasingly important tool to aid the marketing of your brand or business. WordPress has several plug-ins that allow you to take control of your SEO from the backend, including an ingenious traffic light system that helps you evaluate your content effectively, reducing time spent on SEO whilst increasing web traffic.

6. Blogging made simple

Having a blog on your website is one of the best ways to advertise your products and services, and its a great way to improve your SEO. WordPress was originally conceived in 2003 and it was generally believed that if you wanted a blog you did it through WordPress. 13 years later and WordPress has grown into the world’s most popular CMS but one thing hasn’t changed – if you want a blog you still go to WordPress. It’s simple, it only takes a couple of minutes to add a post and most importantly they are easy to integrate seamlessly into your own website – no need to have a separate site for your blog.

7. Sell your products online

Businesses generally build websites to advertise their services or products online. Integrating a shop into your website is made simple through WordPress with the help of comprehensive tools such as WooCommerce, which enable you to add and manage products, manage your store inventory and stock levels, analyse products and orders and manage customer accounts. Amazingly, given how much functionality it provides, it’s free! So if you’ve got something to sell why not start selling today!

8. Drag-and-drop media uploader

If you’ve ever tried uploading images in some CMS you’ll know it’s an extremely painful experience. Not so with WordPress! Just drag and drop files straight from your desktop to your WordPress Media Library saving you time, money and sanity!

9. Mobile friendly

In June 2014 we wrote a blog entitled “Why your website needs responsive web design” – a type of web design that adapts its viewing dimensions and content for display on a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. By the middle of 2015 smartphones had overtaken laptops as the UK Internet user’s number one device, with people spending an average of two hours online on smartphones everyday. It’s a good job that designing responsively is so easy with WordPress, meaning you won’t need to build a totally separate site to support the ever-increasing number of mobile users.

10. Save money and time

With the ease of designing responsively, bespoke functionality delivered quickly through cheap and comprehensive plug-ins, and a host of other time-saving features such as blogs all readily available, WordPress can help reduce the development cycle saving your business time and money. In fact it’s perfectly plausible that sites can be commissioned and delivered within three weeks.

With all this in mind, what are you waiting for? If you’re looking to update your website and you want to take control of its content why not choose WordPress and Add Design, and together we can build something great.