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10 Tips For Being Creative Under Pressure

People often think that being creative is easy, that innovative creative ideas appear as if from nowhere. Unfortunately for us this isn’t the case. Creativity is a skill that requires dedication, passion and lots of practice. Certain things can hinder creative flow, or it can be increased by taking a few simple steps.

Here are just a few tips that our Essex Graphic Designers at Add Design find useful;

1. Keep your workspace tidy
Bit of an odd one to start us off, but we find that a messy workspace results in a messy mind, therefore leaving less room on your brain to get creative. Before starting on on your next project, organise your space and get it neat and tidy. This will free up some of that brain space which can be used for all that creative thinking you are about to immerse yourself in.

2. Drink Coffee
As well as helping us wake up in the morning, it has been proven that Caffeine gives our minds a creative boost. So be sure to drink a cup of coffee each morning to stimulate your mind and set you up for the creative tasks the day will bring.

3. Take regular breaks
It is important to give your mind a rest regularly during creative projects or creative brainstorming, otherwise it is likely that you will burn out all those creative juices. Stand up, get water, take an unnecessary toilet break, do some yoga, anything which will get you out of your chair. If you are able to get some fresh air, even better.

4. Collaborate, and get feedback
An ideal way to stay creative is to surround yourself with creative people, to collaborate on projects and give/receive feedback. This will help you get motivated, improve, give you new bursts of innovative ideas and get your creativity really flowing.

5. Sketch
Sketching is an extremely important part of the initial stages of the design or brainstorming process. It is the quickest way to pin down innovative and unique concepts, all the while being fun to do. If you’re a cunning designer be sure to have a sketchbook and pencil with you wherever you are, so that if you have a sudden spurt of creativity you have somewhere to log it. Even if you are not great at drawing, a quick doodle or scribble can often be the starting point for something much greater.

6. Don’t give up
It is important to never give up on your ideas. If you’ve hit a wall with something, before ditching it altogether costing time and money, try taking a break, collaborating or perhaps free writing if you’re familiar with it. Just don’t give up so easily as your idea could be turned into a masterpiece with just a little extra effort.

7. Take inspiration from your surroundings
Books, magazines, products, furniture, the outdoors, just about anything can be a great source of inspiration. Absolutely everything that is in front of you right now, on your desk or in the same room has been created by someone. Whatever it may be, it’s likely that there is some form of inspiration that can be taken from it. Be open minded, think outside the box and use what’s around you to the best of your advantage.

8. Practice, practice, practice!
The top designers and creative thinkers who inspire others daily didn’t get to where they are overnight. The key to their success is simple, practice, and lots of it. If you don’t enjoy a certain technique or can’t get to grips with it straight away, practice. If you find using a certain piece of software or drawing a challenge, practice. It’s the only way you’ll better yourself and become more creative as a result.

9. Take photos
You can gather inspiration from just about anywhere or anything, so every time you see something which inspires you on the commute to work or while out and about, take a photo of it on your smart phone camera. If you don’t have one, why not get back to basics and write it down in a notepad or take a quick sketch. This can then reduce the time you spend gathering ideas at the start of your creative projects.

10. Have Fun!
If you’re in any job or industry that allows you to be innovative and creative then that is very fortunate place to be. Although it can often be challenging, you have the opportunity to do something fun, interesting and worthwhile, so it’s important to count all your blessings and try to get the most out of every creative opportunity.