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Logo Design

Logos designed to Stand Above the Competition

Your logo is the public perception of your business – it’s where your brand brands and your marketing leaves its mark. Want to look instantly recognisable and distinctive? Just add a great professional logo design.

But your business is worth more than a logo picked off the Internet. You need a professional logo design that captures your uniqueness. And, at Add Design, all our bespoke logos are as fresh as newly baked bread.

But we can’t just pluck one straight from the oven. Baked to perfection means research, and research takes time and effort. So we root around in your filing cabinets. Find what makes you unique. Then design your logo.

But enough of this waffle. Why not check through some of our brilliant logo designs for demanding clients from across the UK and beyond. All that remains to be said is that you’ll get an easy-to-budget fixed price, ideas straight into your inbox, and multiple final files. So that your business looks as great on the company letterhead as it does on your corporate signage.

This is business logo design made positively easy, with a range of fixed-priced packages that remove the uncertainty around creating the perfect logo.

More Information

Want a logo you can be proud of?

We take the uncertainty out of creating a great logo, with our fixed priced logo design packages.

Working with you, our graphic designers can create up to 6 distinctive logo ideas for your business. We then refine your favourite concept into an exceptional logo to help your business stand above the competition.

We start every logo design by understanding everything we can about your business and your customers. Our design brief questionnaire asks the important questions about who you want to target and how you want to position your products and services. We ask for examples of logos you like, either from our own selection or elsewhere, as well as a list of your competitors – so we can ensure that the concepts we create are truly distinctive.

Using your design brief, some fresh research and our own extensive experience we then create a range of different concepts for the logo. Depending on your brief, these may show a wide range of different approaches (from the traditional to the modern, the out-there to the more subdued, the colourful to the refined) or all be based around the same theme. Simply look through the concepts, decide on your favourite and then work with us to refine it into the perfect logo for your business.

What if I don’t like your initial ideas? Our design brief process is designed to ensure that our concepts are right on the money. But very occasionally we might not get there first time. If you are really not happy with any of the concepts we create, then we go back to the drawing board (literally) to create another. By adding your feedback on why our concepts missed the mark to what we already know about your business, we will ensure that the next concept will hit the mark.

Options and Prices

Simple Logo Design

Create a striking and original custom logo with 3 initial design ideas and 3 rounds of drafting. £175 + VAT;

Advanced Logo Package

Extra research, idea generation and development, provides 6 initial custom logo ideas and 3 rounds of drafting. £350 + VAT


“Just to say thank you for enabling me to achieve what I wanted with this – I am now convinced that emailing ideas works perfectly!”
E.W. Home Matters To You. Ipswich

“Thanks very much to Add Design, they have been great in helping us transform initial ideas into something classy and professional.”
W.R. W2 Global Data. London

“Thanks to Add Design for helping me with the marketing of my brand new business venture. It’s been great doing business with them and I shall continue to do so. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”
A.W. Amy’s K9. Monmouth

“Thank you all for all the hard work & effort you have put into Pink Ferret – who knows where it will all go- but it could not have had a better start or support.”
P.F. Pink Ferret. Woodbridge