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We create brochures, flyers, leaflets and stationery for companies across the UK. However, one of our largest areas of work is in creating brochures and folders for businesses in London. Over the last five years we have built up relationships with customers right across the capital and our current London clients include everybody from taxi companies to asset management firms.

So why when we are based in the countryside of Suffolk, are we so popular in London. Here are just a few reasons why we believe that Add Design are the popular choice for brochure design London.


If there is one thing that businesses all over the UK never have enough of, it is time. From our experience this is especially true for London companies. Our unique brochure design process cuts out a lot of the time wasted in meetings and presenting ideas by moving everything online.  While you work, we are using our time to create designs for your project. When we have a draft to show you, we send it via e-mail so you can take a look when it is most convenient. Your feedback can be sent to us via email, or you can call your account handler to discuss the design at any time during office hours.


For us, not being in London does have its advantages and we pass these on directly to our customers. By being based outside of the capital our costs are significantly lower than London based brochure designers. Add in the cost advantages of our unique brochure design process and we are able to offer professional graphic design, high quality print and delivery anywhere in the UK for one very attractive price. Our prices are also fixed across all our work, so a London based business will get exactly the same brochure design, print and delivery cost as a business anywhere in the UK. Need proof that our prices are the best around? Call us for a brochure design quotation.


We work everyday with companies in London, producing innovative and eye-catching designs to match their individual marketing aims. This experience puts us one step ahead when it comes to understanding and interpreting your own aims and ideas for your London brochure design. Whether you have a comprehensive design brief and need a graphic design company which can follow instructions or you are looking for a large amount of creative input, we can provide the right level of service for your exact requirements.


We are not based in London, but this certainly does not mean that our brochure design work is behind the trends. We make a point of keeping up-to-date with the latest developments in design and marketing, and we can name amongst our customers some of the most innovative and unusual businesses in the UK. Not all the new trends start in London, and by working for businesses across the UK we are exposed to new approaches and design ideas which we can bring to any project regardless of where you are located.

We have also worked with numerous companies within the City of London, producing top-of-the-line design and print work for companies where presentation is absolutely everything. Alongside our standard print options our designers can suggest a whole range of innovative finishes to make sure your brochure gets noticed even by the most selective of clients.


While traditionally printed material suits a lot of companies, many others need literature which can be e-mailed or accessed instantly online. London provides the headquarters for many business which operate UK wide or globally. Therefore being able to deliver promotional material to salespeople and clients wherever they are located can be a priority. Alongside our printing services, we also have options for converting brochure designs into digital brochures.


On a deadline? We may be able to deliver when other graphic designs cannot. Without meetings to schedule, our unique design process allows us to produce designs faster than most other graphic design companies, delivering ideas and drafts directly to your inbox. As well as our standard print service, we can also offer express printing options for customers on a tight deadline with overnight courier delivery to anywhere in London.

Brochure Design London – Add Design Ltd are graphic design agency based in Suffolk, East Anglia. We specialise in brochure design and catalogue design and work with clients in London, Essex and Hertfordshire  – as well as throughout the UK.