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Business Card Design: It may only be a 85mm x 55mm piece of card, but there is a lot that you can do with a business card. In fact, we get more and more requests from customers wanting us to turn their business card into something decidedly more eye-catching.

It is not an easy task.

With a business card you are usually restricted by size, by material, and also by the information that must be included – name, job title, address, phone number, e-mail etc. This leaves very little room for innovation – especially if you still want the card to work in a corporate environment.

We have therefore collected together a few business card design ideas which we have used in the past. These ideas are not revolutionary, but are simply cunning twists on a theme which allow the business card to still function as a business card, while also helping our customers get remembered.

The portrait card

It is incredibly simple, but simply turning the card 90 degrees can give you a completely different space to work with. In this example for Burnt Oak Kitchens, a high quality and traditional card was needed – but the change to a portrait orientation adds just a little innovation and works perfectly with the logo design.


Using the back

It is not uncommon to use the back of the business card to give more information about what the business does. However, with a little creative design and copywriting, you can free yourself from the constraints of a bullet-pointed list and try something which creates the right tone for your business. In this example, the list of services and experience offered by adventure logistics company Tour De Force was exhaustive, yet we found a way to contain it all on the back of a business card.

It reads “The experience you need to walk talk guide travel plot plan perpare organise persuade negotiate navigate liase laugh drive or survive your way into, out of, or through anything”

Adding humour

Using humour in corporate design is difficult, as not everybody’s sense of humour is the same. You therefore have to be careful. In this example, we have added a simple visual effect to transform the business card from something mundane, into something engaging and amusing.

Cutting the corners

A simple change to the shape of the business card can have a dramatic effect on the design. This is a very simple card, but the removal of two corners gives that twist of innovation which makes it memorable. I used this card for networking, and you would be amazed at how many conversations are started simply because people like the business card.


All these ideas are simple, but in a world of boring pieces of 55×85 card you would be surprised how far a little bit of difference can go.

How can we help? We specialise in designs which are a little bit different. Our fixed price business card options cover a range of different options and shapes, and are bespoke designed for your business.

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