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Starting with nothing but a blank sheet of A4, designing effective business stationery is a challenge. The majority of our clients want something which is practical, professional, but which will also carry their brand effectively to the customer.

Practicality in fact is one of the chief factors which will influence a letterhead design. Afterall, the reason for a letterhead is to carry a message to the customer, so we need to make sure that any design will not interfere with the text area or distract from the overall message. The design also needs to be multifunctional and versatile. An informal and friendly letterhead design is great for communicating with new customers, but will fall down when being used to demand payment or provide legal information.

With all this in mind, here are a few of our previous business stationery designs alongside an explanation on how each was designed to enhance the brand, and meet the demands of the customer.

A Corporate Stationery Design.

We had already created the logo for this Timber Export Company, and wanted the stationery to develop this new brand. The customer needed the stationary to be bold, eye-catching and modern, but also wanted to make sure that the size and importance of the company was reflected as most communication would be with major European companies. Our choice of a block colour banner hopefully achieves this balance – interesting, modern but still corporate.

An Impressive Stationery Design

An impressive building needs impressive stationery. This manor provides the very highest level of care to its elderly residents. In consultation with the client we had already developed a new logo which shows-off the building, and now we needed a stationery design which would leave people in no doubt of the very high level of service and care which new residents can expect. The intricate design, watermarked logo and choice to use a 120gsm Conqueror Laid Cream Paper all contribute to a very high-end feel.

A Stylish Stationery Design

Breaking the tradition of letterhead design usually means breaking from a classically geometric design. This letterhead for a Heating and Green Energy company does this by using bold waves in deep colours for a design which is striking, but which still builds professionalism. Most importantly for a company promoting renewable energy products, it also conveys a modern approach with the obvious connection between ‘Green Energy’ and the streaming waves which twist across the letterhead. These waves have now become the signature brand identity for this company and weave their way through all the publicity material.

How can we help? All our fixed priced stationery options are bespoke designed for your business. From full-on corporate, to something a little more wild, we can design business stationery which instantly gives the right impression.

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