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Business Stationery Design typically includes the design and print of business letterheads, business cards and compliment slips. This article deals with letterhead options – information on business card design and compliment slip design will be published in another post.

Letterhead Design

At Add Design, we offer three different types of letterhead – standard printed letterheads, print-your-own letterheads and e-mailable letterheads.

Each type of letterhead is bespoke designed especially for your business, but they offer different levels of flexibility to suit your budget, circumstances and the way you communication with your clients.

Standard Printed Letterheads.

This is the traditional option. These letterheads are bespoke designed, printed on high quality paper and delivered directly to your door. When sent through the post or handed to customers, they provide an instantly professional appearance with bold colours, crisp lines and high definition print.

We can print as many letterheads as required, but for the best prices we often recommend a minimum order of 500. When it comes to printed business stationery, there is always a cost advantage in ordering a larger quantity. This is due to the set-up costs and the economies of scale with printing. For more information and prices on our standard printed letterheads please visit our business stationery design page.

The Print-Your-Own Letterhead.

While standard printed letterheads are most cost effective for larger orders, there are many instances where a business might want just a small quantity of letterheads. This might be because business stationary is not often used, or because details are soon to change. Luckily there is a solution – the print-your-own letterhead.

We can still design a stunning letterhead for your business, but rather than send them to print we supply the design to you as a high res PDF. This allows you to print the letterheads through your own printer when required. You can then put them back through your printer to print the letter or main content.

Most home printers cannot print right to the edge of the page, so we create your PDF letterhead design within the main part of the paper so it won’t show these margins. We also make sure that any text and detail is slightly larger and bolder in colour than our standard letterheads to ensure proper reproduction.

The aim is to give your business a perfectly professional letterhead, but with the convenience of printing as you go along.

The E-mail Letterhead.

Some of our clients don’t want to print their letterhead at all. Instead they want to write a letter on Microsoft Word and e-mail it directly to a customer.  This method is especially useful for sending out quotes and project proposals

To ensure that your communication always looks professional and strongly branded we can design a letterhead template within Microsoft Word. Using the headers and footers of the page, this template can contain all the usual letterhead information. So when your customer prints the document at the other end, they are in no doubt about who wrote it and sent it to them.

How can we help? Whatever your individual requirements, we will make sure that your business always look professional. For advice on getting the best from your business stationery please contact us.

Business Stationery Design – click here to view our range of packages

Add Design offer a full range of business stationery packages to clients locally in London, Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk and throughout the UK. Our online design and print service is the convenient and cost effective choice wherever you are located.