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Category "Brochure design"

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DIY Graphic Design vs Professional Graphic Design

Would you cut your own hair? Would you perform surgery on yourself? Or would you make your own petrol? There are some things in life that you just wouldn’t attempt to do yourself. Regardless of whether you knew what you […]

Why It Is Time To Bring Back Your Company Brochure

All the chatter these days is about your business’ online performance and online strategy. Which is not really good news when it comes to marketing strategy, because as soon as everybody is talking about it and doing it, the channel […]

Has print become a thing of the past?

You can’t beat print!  That smell of a newly printed brochure, the feel of the crisp pages, the vivid colours, sinking into a brand new magazine, it’s a sensory experience that has no equal in marketing terms. Building online presence […]

What type of brochure should I choose?

If you’re reading this then it’s likely that you are contemplating getting a brochure designed and printed, but perhaps you’re not sure what type of brochure design would be best to promote your business. Our graphic designers at Add Design […]

5 Top Tips For Creating A Great Company Brochure Design

A great brochure design is a huge company asset. Not only should it create awareness of your company, products and services but it should also positively engage your reader and draw them into trusting you to provide exactly what they […]

8 Reasons Why You Should Have A Digital Brochure Design

Let’s start simply.  What is a digital brochure? A digital brochure is an online interactive version of your physical brochure produced for easy distribution and reading. It allows people to easily flick through your brochure online, just as if the […]

Just Delivered – Corporate Brochure Design

These glossy A4 Landscape Brochures were designed by our team of Essex based Graphic Designers for Model Signage Solutions, a UK based company offering a diverse range of signage products and services. We designed this 20 page brochure with a […]

10 Tips on Taking Great Photography for Brochures

Our clients often send us photos of their products to use in brochure designs, website designs and other various printed material, and we often wish that they had put a little more time and love into them. After all, if […]

Our Graphic Design Portfolio is Live

We have done it. After months of deliberation and preparation our new graphic design portfolio is live and ready for anyone to view. Inside are pictures of over 90 of our favourite designs representing a cross-section of work from the very […]

Just Delivered – Renewable Energy Brochure Design

This 4 page introductory brochure design is for a renewable energy company targeting Architects and Commercial Builders. On the client’s request we created a ‘cut-out’ house for the front cover showing all of the renewable energy options at work in […]