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Why Your Business Needs Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is when a website has been designed to adapt its viewing dimensions and content for display on a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone so users get the best possible experience, irrespective of the device they are using. […]

Design Inspiration . . . Packaging Design

The right packaging design is crucial to engaging customers with a product and getting it off the shelves. We are asked to create brand new packaging for a brand new product – the Grout Pen. A white liquid pen which […]

Is Google Adwords Any Better Than Direct Mail?

Remember when it was your letterbox that was stuffed with advertising, and not your search results? While the door mat has been left to takeaway menus and insurance mailers, online advertising has been booming even through recession with businesses large […]

A Guide to Retro Graphic Design

You have probably noticed that Retro and Vintage graphic design has been all over the place in 2013. In fact, it has become such a major graphic design ‘trend’ that it’s been difficult to miss once you choose to look […]

Marketing & Graphic Design Tips For Solicitors

Historically, solicitors have largely relied on word-of-mouth and recommendation for new business. Yet with ever increasing competition and the rise of ‘internet-based’ and ‘no win – no fee’ legal help, it has become essential that traditional solicitors market and brand […]

Just Delivered – Finance Company Logo Design

A brand new logo design for this well-known finance company based in Suffolk. Corporate logo design is always a challenge for logo designers. You want to create something interesting, but also want to represent the weight and stability of a […]

Just Delivered – Safety Release Packaging Design

We don’t just do leaflet and brochure design. We were asked to create some new packaging for Equi-ping – a brilliantly innovative product designed to protect horses from injury. The design brief for this packaging design was simple. It needed […]