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10 Tips on Taking Great Photography for Brochures

Our clients often send us photos of their products to use in brochure designs, website designs and other various printed material, and we often wish that they had put a little more time and love into them. After all, if […]

5 New Year Marketing Resolutions

The new year often starts with ambitions for growth and a conviction to do better than the year before. Yet as soon as everybody gets back after Christmas, it is so easy to fall back into the rhythm of business […]

How to write a simple marketing plan.

There is that great old adage, ‘if you fail to plan then you plan to fail’. If you currently do your marketing on an adhoc basis, then you are probably not getting the most from your marketing budget. By failing […]

Two Questions You Should Ask Every Customer

There are two questions you may recognise. You have probably been asked them yourself. But what you may not realise is the hidden power that these two simple questions have to influence your behaviour. “Would you buy from us again?” […]

Business Stationery Design – The loyalty card.

When people think about business stationery design it is always about business cards, letterheads and compliment slips. However there is another stationery item which can make a huge difference to the number of customers you gain, and more importantly keep. […]

Flyer Design Printing – The UK VAT Rules

The UK VAT rules for printing promotional literature such as leaflets, flyers and brochures are complex to say the least. It can be very difficult to understand why one product will incur the usual standard rate VAT, yet something very […]

Leaflet Graphic Design – The Art of the Menu or Pricelist.

We design promotional leaflets for all kinds of businesses and purposes – from launching new products to hitting customers with exclusive discounts. However, one use of leaflets which always provides our graphic designers with a unique challenge is the creation […]

Brochure Graphic Design for a Young Audience

The majority of the brochures we are asked to design are for business to business use. This means that while the design will change significantly depending on the industry and purpose of the brochure, the audience are generally similar – […]

Corporate Folders: Why Salespeople love Corporate Folders

Great supporting promotional literature is key for any salesperson to do their job. While a good sales person will often be very persuasive, bringing out a quality corporate brochure can instantly develop trust in the company they represent and demonstrate […]