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Design Inspiration . . . Packaging Design

The right packaging design is crucial to engaging customers with a product and getting it off the shelves.

We are asked to create brand new packaging for a brand new product – the Grout Pen. A white liquid pen which revitalises old tile grout and saves the time and cost of re-grouting.

Rather than follow the design features of  DIY products, we took design inspiration from bathroom cleaning products.  Just like using any good bathroom cleaning product, the Grout Pen is all about getting your bathroom looking clean and sparkling without all the hardwork.

Packaging design is all about communicating your message quickly and effectively – so we created an illustration to show exactly how the product works and what it can do to your old grout. We also used clear icons to represent the key selling points and removed any extraneous information off the front of the packaging which might dilute the impact.

The overall result is a bright, clean and distinctive brand for the Grout Pen which will hopefully quickly establish it as the smart alternative to re-grouting.