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Blog Design

The perfect accompaniment to your website

Put simply, a blog is an online diary. But don’t expect it to be hidden from prying eyes, because our blogs are one of the quickest and easiest ways to get your message out across the internet.

So put the limitations of a formal website to the back of your mind and get ready to wax lyrical. With a blog you can make regular posts, invite comments, build up followers, link your way across the internet, and hold court on any subject you please.

It provides the perfect accompaniment to a main website, giving you space for articles, updates, and latest company news. Not to mention an opportunity to create some brand personality and show customers that you are not just another faceless organisation on the web. Throw in the fact that blogs are great for helping to improve your search engine position and you can see why every major website has a blog waiting to be read just a few clicks away.

We can provide everything you need to get your blog started including bespoke design to build your brand, tuition on adding content, and advice on integrating with existing social media. All you need to think about is what to say.

Prices and Options

To discuss your blog and for a quotation please call us on 0845 6436 395 or send us an enquiry.

More Information

Built with Google performance in mind and connected to Google Analytics for visitor tracking

Free advice on how to get the most from your posts

Integrate your Twitter feed and include social media quick share links

Available with our monthly shop support package including hosting, e-mail management and technical support


“Before I talk about Add Design, It’s worth noting that although I am now in retail, my previous 22 year career was with BT, where I lead major programmes involving the delivery of complex software based solutions to strict timescales and specifications. I am therefore highly experienced in dealing with application and software development organisations – good and bad…

I’ve been working with Add Design for about 18 months now. Add Design stood out in the tendering phase as being professional, knowledgeable, friendly, and above all sympathetic to the ethos and character of our store. They were also fantastic value, and I was delighted to be able to award them the contract. It was one of the best business decisions I have ever made. They have at all times reacted swiftly and to my needs, produced high quality and beautifully designed web-pages, and provided excellent advice. Justin is always available, always helpful, and his integrity is often demonstrated through his recommendation of DIY solutions above chargeable alternatives. I can honestly say their service is consistently excellent, and I would highly recommend Add Design.”
Michael Grist, Barretts.