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Email Marketing

A well managed email campaign can be one of the most awesome forms of marketing available

Spamming has given e-mail marketing a bad name. But with a proper email list, a well managed email campaign can be one of the most awesome forms of marketing available.

It’s green, personal, cost-effective, easy to organise, easy-to-track and easy to manage. It can reinforce your brand, keep customers informed, promote special offers, provide advice, or invite people to an event. You can track exactly who opened it, how often, and whether they clicked through to the website. And if your customers no longer want to know, all they need to do is click ‘unsubscribe’.

Free delivery options up to 2000 addresses.

Whether you an e-mail marketing virgin, or serial campaigner, we can provide a complete e-mail marketing service from design through to delivery. Provide us with a 100% opt-in, bona-fide customer contact list and let us show you exactly what a well structured e-mail campaign can do.

Prices and Options

HTML E-mail Design from £150 + VAT

Delivery = Free (up to 2000 subscribers) or from £75 + VAT

More Information

Full campaign management from setting-up through to delivery and reporting

Bespoke HTML emails designed from £150 + VAT

Fully tested to look brilliant across all email clients – from iPhones to Outlook

Spam filter tested to increase the chances of reaching your audience

Full reporting including open rates, click throughs and unsubscribes

Discounts available for regular campaigns


“I would have no hesitation in recommending Add Design. Over the last 5 years they have provided us with an unmatched level of expertise and we have found their creative input absolutely invaluable in the development and realisation of our brand online. From our website design, to website promotion, online brochures and our e-mail marketing campaigns, they have always had the resources and skills to advise on the best options and deliver what we need to time and budget.”
Will Farr, Model Signs

“We commissioned Add Design to launch our new website after being extremely impressed at the initial meeting – they really stood out from the other companies we had met with. The whole process was led very well by their team, who provided a professional, efficient and friendly service. We have continued to use Add Design for marketing campaigns and we continue to be impressed at their design work.”
Holly Tonge, Schallenberg