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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Investing in SEO will help your website get seen on the web

So you have a beautiful new website. Time to put it to work with some Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) so people can find you.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is what you need to do to help you get found more easily on the web- we are mainly talking Google here. With millions of new websites being launched every week, catching Google’s attention can be a real challenge.

Good search engine optimisation is all about the content of your site and making sure you have covered all of the little things that Google is looking for. All of our websites are built with Google performance in mind, but for those who are looking to smash through the rankings some extra help may be needed. This is where our search engine services step in.

We have a range of options available to help build visitor numbers and improve your search engine rankings.

Launch Package

With millions of new websites being launched every week, catching Google’s attention can be a real challenge. Our launch package is a one-hit wonder designed to give your new website a flying start. By optimising the content and telling Google everything we can about you, the chances of your new website ranking faster and higher in the first few weeks is that much greater.

Search Engine Optimisation

With online competition increasing every day, consistently high rankings takes time, effort and more than a few clever tricks. Working alongside a top search engine optimisation company, we offer our customers a clear route to better rankings and higher visitor numbers.

Pay-per-click Advertising

Of course, Google would prefer you to pay to be at the top. Pay-per-click advertising (or Adwords) puts your advert in the sponsored link section on Google searches or in advert boxes across Google’s ad-network. From account set-up, through advert creation and keyword selection, to on-going management and tracking, our pay-per-click campaigns can deliver more website clicks for less.

Want to know which options would suit you? We are very happy to advise.

Just give us a call on 0845 6436 395 or send us an enquiry.

More Information

Range of options available for both organic and pay-per-click performance

Clear, transparent pricing and reporting

Independent advice on the best methods for you

Free no-obligation proposals and costings


“The decision to appoint Add Design was an easy one to make and one which I have not regretted. Recognising that we were the lay persons and they the ‘experts’ they led us through each stage and made it clear what information they required from us. We were led to a test site at each stage and asked to review and any changes we wished to make were implemented immediately… We would have no hesitation in recommending Add Design and are looking forward to working with them on a pay-per-click campaign and feel sure that their expertise will help us through that process. Finally, we have found their costs to be very reasonable and certainly competitive.”
Kelvin Morton, Rectifier Technologies