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Do I Need A Business Blog?

Blogging has been around for almost as long as the internet, but it is only now that business blogging is hitting the mainstream. So what is blogging, and what advantages could a regular blog have for your business?

Here is everything you need to know about business blogging, but may have been too afraid to ask.

Let’s start simple. What is a blog?

A blog is a regularly updated online ‘diary’ featuring individual posts usually themed on a single topic. They are a way for people to easily self-publish their content and thoughts onto the internet – bypassing the need for an external publisher. You are reading the Add Design blog right now, and this article is a post on the topic of blogging.

Blogging has very few rules and posts come in all shapes and sizes from the very short and curt, to the very long and rambling. However compared to other forms of publishing, blogs generally tend to be more informal, personal and friendly.

So why start a business blog?

For most businesses, a blog is not a replacement for a website. Instead it should complement your website providing your visitors with regularly updated news, advice and information.

Yet the benefits of a blog go well beyond just keeping your website visitors updated and informed. There are a range of real advantages creating a blog for your business can offer.

1. Search Engine Performance

One primary reason businesses get into blogging is to improve their rankings on Google and other search engines. By writing online about your business you are educating Google about what you do and building an increasing library of keywords and content for Google to list in search engine results.

Think of the blog as a fishing net to catch visitors for your website. Your blog posts help you increase your reach across different search results and draw visitors in towards your website and business.

2. Attraction Marketing

There are two distinct forms of marketing – pursuit marketing and attraction marketing. Pursuit marketing is based on going out and actively pursuing potential customers. Attraction marketing, on the hand, is about putting information out there in order to attract potential customers to your business.

A blog can be a great form of attraction marketing. By using your blog to post free advice and guidance online you can catch the attention of potential customers and demonstrate that you are the experts in a particular field. By blogging about recent projects and customers you can demonstrate your capabilities and experience within your chosen industry.

A great blog can attract leads from places and people that a pursuit marketing approach simply cannot reach.

3. Relationship Building and Loyalty

Every business has a unique personality, yet within the confines of your website and marketing material it can be very difficult to get this across to customers and build common ground. A blog provides an opportunity to show the softer and more human side of your business.

Not only can a blog be more informal but it can also be more personal and talk engagingly on topics which may also interest your customers. Many businesses use a blog to show ‘behind the scenes’ with profiles of the people who work there or information on how a product is built or delivered. Through commenting and social media sharing a blog can provide an opportunity to allow potential customers to join the discussion and add their own experiences and thoughts to yours.

In sum a blog can help you build trust and a rapport with new and existing customers increasing engagement with your business and garnering loyalty.

4. Social Media Integration

Many businesses use Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Linked In or many other social media options to keep in touch with customers. However it can often be difficult to find suitable and relevant material to post and engage customers with.

Alongside all the other advantages, a regular blog can provide valuable material to share across your social network. No longer will you need to tweet repeatedly about the weather as your blog will provide topics and discussion points directly relevant to your business. By providing good content you also increase the chances of retweets and reposts of your messages – helping to increase the scale of your social network and potential follows.

So there you have it. Business blogging in a nutshell. And if you ever needed more proof that blogging for your business can work then remember that you are reading our own blog right now. Colchester website designers Add Online have built custom blog design for all kinds of businesses and can provide all the support you need to get published. For more information on blog design or any of our web design services call us on 0845 6436395 or send us an enquiry.