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Why every business should have a roller banner.

What are they?

Banner stands, also known as pull up banners or roller banners, allow you to make a professional impact wherever you decide to use it. Usually measuring 800mm x 1200mm, they are ideal to display in reception rooms, at exhibitions, networking events, seminars and conferences. They take only minutes to set up and once rolled down they can be transported anywhere easily and conveniently.

Why should you have one?

Sometimes business opportunities come and go very quickly. A last minute invite to talk at an event, a sudden visit from an important customer, a short-notice space at an exhibition or show. . . These opportunities usually provide very little time to organise marketing material and can leave you feeling a little unprepared, unprofessional and unconfident compared to everyone around you.

A rollerbanner can help ease a last-minute nightmare into a real opportunity to shine.

Builds your brand
Banner stands are the perfect way to show everyone who you represent. While personal introductions can be short, the banner behind you acts as a constant reminder of who you are and what you do.  The banner itself is large enough for your logo & branding, a short description, mission statement or testimonial as well as your company’s contact details. In a crowded room it can be one of the only ways to make sure your brand is noticed and remembered.

Instant professionalism
If you’re giving a talk to a group of people or showcasing your services somewhere, a high quality roller banner can give you an instant look of professionalism and expertise. Just as people instinctively find a man or woman in suit more trustworthy than someone in jeans and hoody, having a banner supporting your presentation can instantly build confidence with an audience. Not only that, but with the company logo and key business points alongside, you don’t need to dedicate as much time pressing home the company name and goals and can instead get straight down to the key message of the presentation.

Available to use anywhere
Rolling down into a convenient cassette, banner stands are completely portable and ready to use anywhere you go.  They are supplied with a protective bag to ensure that dust and grit are kept away from the graphic. If you travel a lot attending networking events and conferences it’s ideal for leaving in the back of your car boot. You never know when it may come in handy.

What’s important to consider when buying a roller banner?

Not all roller banners are created equal. Many cheap suppliers cut corners to get the price as low as possible leading to a poor design, unprotected graphics and stands which cannot handle being pulled up and down repetitively.

Here are just a few things you should consider when buying your roller banner:

Professional Design
Having your banner stand designed by a professional designer is an absolute must. It is afterall representing your business and a messy looking banner doesn’t speak well of your brand. A good design will catch the eye of people across the room, convey your brand, and pick out the key points of your message.

Your graphics panel wants to be high quality, scratch resistant and ideally ‘anti-glare’ laminated – so it doesn’t reflect the light too much and make the message difficult to read in well lit locations such as exhibition halls. Banner stands without these qualities will of course be cheaper, but it can drastically shorten the lifespan of the banner as well as its effectiveness as a professional piece of marketing.

Banner stands can have a tough life with frequent rolling up and down as well as traveling between events. The stand itself therefore should be built to last. What you really want to avoid is a ‘cheap as chips’ stand breaking right at the important moment, or being so light that it falls onto passers-by with the lightest of nudges.  Like more things in life, when it comes to banner stands you really do get what you pay for so make sure your investment is worthwhile.

Are you looking for a banner stand for your business? Then why not get in touch with the Add Design team for a quote. We have 3 standard roller banners ranging from economy to first class. Each comes complete with bespoke design, high quality print and a scratch resistant anti-glare lamination.