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Flyers are perfect for getting a simple message directly to customers and getting them to act. While flyers can be effectively used to build brands and inform customers of latest developments, they are especially good for advertising short-term special offers and creating a spike in interest and orders. This is because the lifespan of a flyer is usually quite short-lived. It is delivered, picked-up, read and processed within a short period of time. However, the presence of an offer or exclusive discount not only encourages immediate action, it increases the chance of the flyer being kept until the time of purchase.

Why include a special offer on your flyer?

Apart from increasing instant response rates (as limited time offers increase sales) and extending the lifespan of flyer, there are other reasons to include a special offer. Even if the offer is not ultimately redeemed, the increased lifespan of the flyer can increase the amount of engagement with the advert and increase brand recognition and the likelihood of a sales taking place in the future. Again, even if the offer is not redeemed the very act of providing a discount gives a strong message that you are conscious of price and always working on behalf of the customer – even if they are interested in a different product/service from that advertised. A good special offer also helps you to measure response rates. Simply by collecting the redeemed offers gives you a metric by which to measure the success and benefits of a campaign – although it should not be the only thing you consider when measuring the ultimate success of a campaign. If possible, try to collect customer details when they redeem the offer as this will help you monitor which group responded best to the discount and can also build up a database for future marketing.

Which is the right special offer to use on your flyer?

A special offer alone is not enough. It has to the be the right offer in order to illicit a response from the target audience. You need to put yourselves in the shoes of your buyer – what are the barriers to you purchasing a product? What would encourage you to spend on an item? Here are some examples.

Straight discount or exclusive price.
A simple percentage discount or exclusive price is great as long as it is not too exclusive to a very select product, comes with too many terms, or is not sufficient to drop the price below that of a well known competitor. In this age of discounts, a 5% or 10% off is often not enough to impress a customer so it can pay to be more creative with what you offer.

Exclusive package.
Packaging up products/services for an exclusive price is an excellent way to create an original offer on your flyer design, which catches the attention and makes shopping easier for your customer. It can also be tuned to events or time of the year – ‘All you need for your Summer BBQ’, ‘Winter Warmer Package’ . . . Just make sure that the products selected are naturally complementary.

Free Gift.
Giving your customer a free gift is a great way to show them how much you appreciate their business. However be careful in selecting the freebie. It must be something desirable, universal to everyone and of a good quality – not just a way to shift a bad selling item which you have too much of.

Free Samples.
Try before you buy. Being open about customers trialing a new product/service before purchase is great – especially when you can get them hooked on it easily or you are trying to push something new. However free samples often need to be supported with further discounts and advertising to make sure customers return to where it came from to repurchase. You might also need to control the samples to make sure that customers cannot survive on samples alone.

New Customer Discount.
A loyal repeat customer can be worth their weight in gold – so it can be worth sacrificing profit or even losing money on that important first sale. Think about the chances of return custom and life-time value of a customer before being overly generous on new customers. Also be aware that being so generous to new customers can be off-putting to those who are already loyal to you but are not often rewarded. They may well become disloyal in pursuit of someone else’s new customer discount. New customer discounts are also great to encourage people to sample a product/service they may be nervous or uncertain about.

Discount Tied to Spend
Spend £100 and get 10% discount. These types of offers are loved by businesses because they can actually generate money by talking customers up, rather than losing revenue. Just be careful how this fits in with your product/service selection and pricing. If you have a low margin item at £105 – you could end up with lots of sales and no profit.

Free Delivery
The cost of delivery is one extra that a customer hates – as it is often not budgeted for beforehand and is unknown until time to pay. Therefore removing the delivery cost can instantly remove a psychological barrier to purchasing – especially online.

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