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Graphic Design Chelmsford Case Studies

Graphic Design Chelmsford

Add Design are extremely passionate about graphic design Chelmsford, and aim to always create something unique and innovative which will blow our clients away, every time. However we aim not just to blow our clients away, it’s the general public and potential clients we aim to inspire and get talking about your brand! With a good brand in place and aesthetically pleasing marketing materials, your business is likely to take on more business than one without.

Chelmsford is a busy and thriving commercial centre with a great number of entrepreneurs and start-ups all actively competing for the attention of residents and visitors. And when it comes to graphic design Chelmsford residents are exceptionally design savvy people who expect high quality design as standard. So, for a town like Chelmsford, graphic design quality is a key step in making businesses competitive locally. Add Design provide graphic design Chelmsford, locally, nationally and internationally, but here we take a look at some recent work undertaken for a number of local companies based in Chelmsford.

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Clothing Boutique Chelmsford

A clothing boutique was due to open locally in Chelmsford, and after finding our website they got in touch wanting the full works – logo, flyers, adverts, a catalogue of their products and a website. They wanted something very stylish, feminine and elegant to attract their target audience of female young adults. Our clients chose our standard logo design package which consisted of 3 designs. We got to work, and once submitted they came back almost straight away with their favourite. This meant that there were only a few final tweaks to make before we could get cracking on their flyers, various advertisements, catalogue and e-commerce website. We had a lot of fun creating the fashionable and trendy brand for this gorgeous boutique in Chelmsford and look forward to providing them with more printed or online goodies as they continue to evolve.

Mexican Restaurant Chelmsford

A local Mexican restaurant in Chelmsford required a new look and some printed material to raise people’s awareness of their location and tasty menu. They needed a new brand design, so they opted for our Premier Logo Package consisting of 6 logo concepts for them to choose from. Creating their logo designs was very interesting and a lot of fun! We were given free reign so we were able to use our creative juices and create something that would really stand out and catch people’s attention. The design that our clients chose was extremely modern, fresh yet spicy hot and gives an instant impact to the viewer. We then rebranded their menus, and designed some spicy flyers and posters to be distributed locally. We have since been informed by our clients that the new brand and the promotional material has increased their sales by a whopping 40% in the first month alone! We can’t wait to create more material as their restaurant soon becomes one of the busiest in town!

Hair and Beauty Salon Chelmsford

Another local business looking for graphic design was a Chelmsford hair and beauty salon who approached us wanting a fresh new look for their shop front. It was extremely dated which meant that they weren’t reaching out to the younger generation. They wanted something which would appeal to their current and faithful customers, but that would also reach out to new customers passing by. Being on a main road which gets an awful lot of Chelmsford traffic passing by, they wanted to make the most of the volume of people passing by and wanted a new logo and signs for the shop front, posters to go in the window, as well as new price lists and flyers to be distributed. We had fun designing a sleek, stylish and trendy brand for their shop signs and posters. As well as this we also recommended that they purchased a loyalty card scheme. This would work extremely well for this kind of business as a lot of their sales come from repeat custom. Therefore a small business card with their contact details on one side, and a stamp system on the back worked perfectly. Customers coming to get a makeover would get the card stamped for every £15 they spend. When they fill the card with the maximum 10 stamps they get a free cut and finish! The feedback we have had from our clients has been extremely positive, and they especially love their loyalty cards.

Wedding Venue Chelmsford

We were also pleased to provide graphic design for a Chelmsford wedding venue keen to promote their business. Located in a rural area just outside Chelmsford, the venue got in touch with us requiring an elegant logo, stationery, business folders and a glossy new website with a blog for them to upload with images of recent weddings and events. We designed them a number of sleek and elegant typographic logos for them to pick from. They had a hard time deciding, but once they confirmed which was their favourite we soon got cracking on their stationery and their website.  We wanted their website to appear very trendy. We searched Pinterest for some recent wedding trends and inspiration, and designed something really up to the minute but also elegant and traditional. They were thrilled with the end result and with the content management system they enjoy putting up their own articles and images of recent weddings, which gets a great deal of interest.