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Here at Add Design, we know that all companies want to appear professional and attractive, but they often operate on tight budgets – especially if they are just starting up. Here are some top solutions for helping you show your clients, competition and everyone else that you mean business without having to break the bank, with Add Design’s range of fixed price graphic design packages for business logos, business stationery, flyers, leaflets and brochures.

For instance, your business logo design is one of the most important things to do well. Get the right logo and it will act as the cornerstone of your brand, helping your company create a professional, distinctive look across all the material you produce now and into the future. We understand that you can grab a logo image off the internet for next to nothing, but you really need to think carefully about whether this creates the right starting point for the success of your company. The graphic designers at Add Design can create a completely bespoke logo for your company for a very good price – our prices start at just £75 and we tailor all our work to your needs, making sure you get exactly the business logo you need to get the company off on the right foot.

A good business card design is another really important marketing tool and business cards are vital for helping you create the right impression instantly. Once you’ve got your professionally-designed logo, this can be developed into a brand which can be extended onto your business cards. Most customers you meet will see quite a few business cards in a single day, so it is important that yours stands out against the others both in design and quality. This is something that can be done by using our graphic design services. All our prices include design, print and delivery, so you can benefit from a comprehensive package with no hidden costs. The killer business card is certainly an investment worth making.

We can also produce a letterhead for you to help extend the reach of your brand even further. After all, many businesses frequently send out letters to potential clients as well as current customers and it’s really important that you make sure your brand stands out and is distinctive. Once a customer is familiar with your company, the chances of you being used again is greatly increased. Our cost-effective letterheads are printed on a high quality 120gsm bright white paper to instantly create the right impression. However, for companies on a really tight budget we have another solution. Our electronic letterheads are absolutely perfect as you can just print them out from your own printer whenever you need them. As well as for letters, the electronic letterhead can also be used for a whole range of other documents, including professional-looking quotations, invoices, terms and conditions and more. At just £75 for a self-printing letterhead, all of this adds up to make them a very cost-effective branding solution for companies on a budget.

We also think company brochures are a great way marketing your business, but we understand that a lot of companies want to save on the cost of printing and posting as it is often this that pushes up the overall price. This is why our graphic designers work so hard to create fantastic-looking brochures that can either be emailed out to people or made available online. This allows you to distribute your brilliantly brochure quickly and simply to customers without the costs of either printing or postage.

Our Add Design graphic design services are perfect for any business that is watching its budget but still wants to benefit from high quality design. Plus, the price we give you is the price you pay: we don’t have any hidden extras or unexpected surprises in our costs as all prices include design, print and delivery.  Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like to find out more.