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Add Design’s graphic design service is truly unique.  Not just in the fact that we are able to complete design projects for companies of all sizes from across the UK, but our hassle-free step-by-step process ensures customers get a high quality result they’ll be proud of.  However, for our designers there’s nothing like doing projects for companies local to us in Colchester Essex and seeing first-hand the fruits of our labours. Whether it be full branding and signage for a shop we walk past every day, to being handed a flyer we designed as we’re out and about getting our lunch.

There area few things that must be taken into account when providing graphic design services for Essex based businesses.

Firstly many Essex businesses also target customers in London, which means they are keenly aware of the effect that  high quality design can have in the success of their marketing campaigns.

Secondly, Essex is one of the busiest and most competitive market places around, so companies are often looking to get their design projects completed with minimal hassle and without the bank-breaking London agency design prices.

Thirdly, Essex has a huge diversity in its population – from very busy urban areas to some very remote villages. Therefore knowing your target market and how to reach them is incredibly important to the success of any Essex marketing campaign.

This is where Add Design come in. Our professional Essex graphic designers are hot on the pulse of the latest design trends, but our fixed priced design service makes sure that our prices stay grounded. Our offices are in central Colchester, Essex so we also have intimate knowledge of the local area and target markets who live there.

Need some examples? Here are some previous projects we have completed for Essex based companies – each with their own individual marketing requirements.

Flyer Design Essex – Online Clothing Retailer

We were asked to do a flyer design by an Essex based company who had just launched its high-class designer clothes website. They required some A6 postcards to focus on their range of shoes which would reflect the qualities of their brand: glitz, glamour and sophistication. The flyer would be used primarily to raise awareness of the brand and guide new customers to the website. It also featured some introductory offers for new customers and a short description of the website

To make the design eye-catching to the target market – we featured a bold, beautifully taken photograph of a pair of glamorous shoes and the website address.  This was used alongside an ornate graphic design to add a touch of design sophistication and interest.

We created the text for both the front and back of the flyer to reinforce the brand message and push people directly to the website.

Brochure Design Essex – Healthcare Company

This Essex based healthcare company had 6 premises across the county. They were looking for a brand new brochure design which would work equally well for each of the premises and would present the company as a friendly, yet professional, healthcare provider.

We took the butterfly design from the logo and expanded this into a new design for the brand which appeared both ‘soft’ but also modern. A beautiful script font was chosen by our designers to give extra character to the brand beyond the modern font of the logo.

Each brochure design was prepared with individual text and images for each of the premises, and then printed together as a single printrun for maximum cost-effectiveness.

Following the success of this brochure design project, we were asked to redesign the company stationery for each of the locations in the same style. Again, 6 separate letterhead designs and compliment slip designs were printed together in a single run to create some stunning but cost-effective printed stationery.

Logo Design Essex – Pony Party Company

Our graphic designers were delighted to be asked to create a new logo for this Pony Party Company. They were looking to target the new trend of large children’s parties so wanted a logo design which was bright, fun and distinctive. The company also wanted to use the logo to brand a range of gifts, so the final logo design need to be iconic and completely original.

From our range of concepts, the company instantly chose this heart design. They really wanted to keep the logo as simple as possible so we kept it as a ‘cut out’ graphic style. The font was chosen from a range we provided showing everything from very simple typefaces to this fun and lively option.

As with all our logo designs, the final files were supplied in a range of formats including one suitable for printing on the side of the pony’s bright purple horse lorry.

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