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Leaflet Design: What makes a great leaflet?  


A great leaflet design is about much more than looking pretty. At Add Design we do leaflet design for many different sizes of businesses from many different industries - some targeting residential customers, others business to business.

In every design we bring together three separate elements to make sure our leaflet designs get the best possible response for everyone of our customers.

The right design

A great leaflet design takes your product or service directly to the right customers. The leaflet design has to reflect your business (your colours, your style) but also appeal to the tastes of your target customers. Our graphic designers have the necessary expertise and experience to create leaflet designs which do just that; using the right styles and colours in the leaflet design to build your brand and attract the attention of your target market.

The right images

Space on a leaflet is often limited so selecting the right images is all important. We can use a combination of images supplied with our huge stock of lifestyle photographs in our leaflet designs to portray the right message and visually demonstrate the benefits of your product / service. If we feel a supplied image is not high enough quality, then we will tell you so we make sure that the final design looks as good as possible.

The right text

The right text in a leaflet design does more than just inform customers about your services, it also persuades them of the benefits. By concentrating on the right key points in your leaflet design, we create engaging text which carries your key message directly to the customer.


By combining these three elements, our graphic design service produces the best possible leaflet for your company. Click here for information and prices on leaflet design.

About us

Add Design Limited is a leaflet design company in Colchester, Essex. The benefit of our online graphic design service means that we offer a cost effective solution for clients based anywhere the UK, including Suffolk, Essex, Norfolk, London and East Anglia.


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