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What makes a GREAT website?

Well we all know how important it is to have a website in today’s world, but do you want a website that simply does the job? Or would you prefer a great website that gets great results and a large return? We think we know which you’d prefer, so the question is, what makes a really great website? Here’s a quick summary of what we consider to be vitally important when building websites, and a few key tips which can improve your response rates;

Let’s face it, if your website doesn’t create an instant impact, the reader won’t stick around for very long. It is said that 40% of people abandon a website in less than 3 seconds! That means you have 3 measly seconds to create an instantaneous impact and give the viewer a reason to stay and browse. To achieve this you want your website to be clean and professional, consistently branded throughout, and you want your key message to be quickly ingrained in their memory. To ensure you website is giving the correct message try performing a 3 second test as if you were coming in to view your website cold, what does it say about the business? What do you remember? If it’s not doing anything for you or motivating you to want to find out more about the company, you need to take action on your website and fast as it could be losing you 40% of potential business!

The design of your website is a huge factor contributing to the amount of time visitors spend on your website. If your website has been poorly assembled and looks amateur, then your business will suffer. Having your website professionally built bespoke to your business is of paramount importance. There are so many business websites out there that look almost exactly the same it’s easy to just fade into the background. What you want to do is stand out, be different and shine like a diamond against all the other stones that surround you.

Ever heard the saying an image speaks 1000 words? This is especially true when it comes to website design. Emotion triggering images that cause an instant impact will help people engage with your site making them stay on for longer. High quality professional photography is highly recommended, otherwise if you aren’t able to foot the costs of professional images at this point in time, consider purchasing a few key images from a stock website, or if you’re taking images yourself be sure to read our article 10 tips for taking great photography.

With the number of competitors rising rapidly in each industry, it has never been more important to add personality to your website. Adding a bit of humour, ‘about me’ bios and writing your copy in a friendly and approachable manner let’s people engage with your company and relate to you. This is a key way to make you and your website more memorable, and it will give people a reason to want to build a business relationship with you over your competitors.

Overall, there’s not much point having a shiny looking and personable website if your visitors can’t figure out how to quickly navigate around your site. If it’s not functional your visitors will only get frustrated at not being able to find what they’re looking for quickly, which will result in them abandoning your site. It needs to be clear and extremely simple to navigate. Your contact details should be prominent with easy and simple calls to action, such as quick enquiry forms and newsletter sign up applications for example. These will no doubt increase your response rates.

What makes your website look appealing, professional and styled is for your every page to be consistent with your companies branding. If it’s not kept consistent and professional, it’s likely your potential client may look elsewhere for a company who appears more established. Consistency is  what brings your company and your website together, and with your brand consistent throughout, it is more likely to stick in the visitors memory helping you to become more memorable.

Social Links
If you’re involved in any social networking sites, it is extremely important to include links to all of these on your website so that people can quickly connect with you and are able to keep updated with all your latest news, images and day to day ramblings. And vice versa – ensuring your website URL is clearly stated on your social networking sites with easy links is also a great way of increasing visitors and potential clients to your website, so every time you blog or post some latest news for example, make sure to add the link to your social sites so people can be kept regularly updated.

People simply don’t have the valuable time to read paragraphs and paragraphs of dull keyword focused text, so it’s important that you keep any text to a minimum. You want to get your key messages across quickly and effectively. Using headers and bullet points or by separating your text using titles are great ways of doing this.

Do you need help making your website stand out from the crowd? If so, why not get in touch with the team at Add Design a call who can build your company a bespoke website.