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The internet is now bursting with brilliant free online tools for businesses. Yet the sheer quantity of tools available makes working out what to use and keeping up with the best on the net almost impossible.

To help, our Essex graphic designers have shared their collective knowledge of what’s hot to create a list of our 10 favourite internet tools. These are things that we use nearly everyday in our design work, and we are sure that you will find them just as useful.

001 - Pinterest - cropped
1. Pinterest

Pinterest is used my millions worldwide. Reason being, it allows you to bookmark whatever you like, from recipes, photos, to graphic design inspiration, and lets you ‘pin’ them to your own personalised set of boards for quick and easy future reference. Our graphic designers find this a great tool for creating project mood boards. You can upload pins from your computer or pin images directly from websites using the URL link. It also allows you to search what is currently ‘popular’ with potential customers around the world to keep you up to date with what’s hot right now!

002 - We Transfer - cropped2. We Transfer

We transfer allows you to send files up to 2Gb securely to anyone worldwide completely free of charge, and without even having to register. It couldn’t be more simple than that. So next time you need to send that urgent file to that very important client and come to realise it’s over the maximum file size allowed by your email server, bookmark this website for future reference to eliminate time and stress of having to resize the file.


003 - Dropbox - cropped3. Dropbox

Need to share more than 2Gb with your clients? Want to back up important files in the clouds where nothing can ever happen to them? If so, Dropbox is for you. It is so simple to use, quick to upload files and it’s easy to share files and folders with clients and friends. On top of this, it gives you 18Gb of space completely free and it even has a free downloadable app so you can access your files on the move.



004 - Evernote - cropped4. Evernote

Do you ever find it difficult remembering everything? That image you saw, that blog you found, that brilliant idea you came up with on the commute home? Now with Evernote you can store just about anything simply in one organised place. Guaranteed to save you buckets of time trawling through your web history for that article you read or that image you found inspiring, the free downloadable app allows you to refer to your notes, images and ideas at the click of a button from wherever you are.


005 - Behance - cropped5. Behance

Behance is a platform for creative professionals, where they are able to upload completed and ‘in progress’ projects, where you’re able to get feedback and critique from fellow creatives worldwide. It is an excellent starting point for users looking to form an online portfolio together and is great for surfing during your lunch break or when you get a spare couple of minutes for some creative inspiration.



006 - Hootsuite - cropped6. Hootsuite

Ever get overwhelmed with the sheer amount of social networking groups you are involved in? If you struggle to find the time to update each individual page then hootsuite is most definitely an app you can’t live without. It allows you to update all your social media including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and even your blog, all from one simple platform saving you precious time to get on with whatever you’d like.


007 - Animoto - cropped7. Animoto

Don’t know how to create a video for your business? Wouldn’t know where to start? Well our Graphic Designers have the tool for you. Animoto allows you to create beautiful videos using your pictures and video clips which you can add words and music, customise to your own style and upload to the web in minutes! It is extremely simple to use too. With visual media such as videos and images becoming a vital marketing tool for businesses, this is a tool you simply can’t do without.


008 - Zamzar - cropped8. Zamzar

Want to know a simple and fast way to convert your files to different formats? Zamzar is an online file converter which can convert documents, images, songs and videos to the format you need in just 4 quick steps. It’s extremely simple to use, it’s free of charge and as it’s all online so there’s no need to download any software to your device clogging up your memory.



009 - asana - cropped9. Asana

Asana is an online task management site to help teams of employees keep track of what needs to be done from any device and from wherever the business takes them. It helps to increase productivity and keeps everyone connected and on the same page ensuring that your business runs smoothly, that the jobs get checked off and completed on time.



010 - BestVendor - cropped10.

If there is anything our Graphic Designers haven’t covered, online accounting tools and business reference sites for example, you are bound to find the ideal tool on It even has honest ratings and comments from professionals much like yourself who have tried and tested the products.