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Sending out the right signals with signage

Clear, branded business signs are a must for any company whose clients visit their premises. First impressions count for a lot and your signage is likely to be one of the first things people see when visiting your company.

Many business owners will be so familiar with their own premises they don’t stop to consider how their signage may look to someone visiting for the very first time:

  • Are there any signs at all? It’s surprising how many companies don’t even have their name by the front door
  • Are they clear and visible? Many business signs are in the wrong place, covered by overgrown foliage, or simply faded and illegible due to age.
  • Does your signage make visitors feel welcome? Is it obvious where they should park, and where the reception is?
  • Is the signage consistent? A clear and uniform appearance creates a much more professional impression.
  • Is it “on brand“? Does it feature your latest logo, strap line and corporate branding?
  • Is it clear what your company does? It sounds obvious, but unless your company name is suitably descriptive of what you do, without a brief description or strap line of what you do it’s all but useless for generating passing trade
  • Are they simple, clear, and quick to read? Avoid long lists of bullet, it’s unlikely that many  people will stop to make a note of your phone number, but they might just make a mental note of your website address
  • We live in a highly visual world, yet clear and informative business signs are surprisingly often overlooked.

If you’re not convinced of the importance, consider the last time you were in a car park and couldn’t see a sign for the exit! And I bet you’ll always read a clear and eye catching sign when you see one. Don’t let the simple stuff cause you to lose out on potential business.

We have a great deal of experience with signage for a wide range of clients. Any questions? Give me a call on 0845 643 6395 or email and I’ll do my best to help!