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Has print become a thing of the past?

You can’t beat print!  That smell of a newly printed brochure, the feel of the crisp pages, the vivid colours, sinking into a brand new magazine, it’s a sensory experience that has no equal in marketing terms. Building online presence […]

What type of flyer design should I choose?

So you’re thinking about having some flyers created for your business, but with so much choice out there how can you decide what type of flyer is best for your business? Our flyer designers at Add Design have put together […]

Flyer Graphic Design – The Power of the Promotional Postcard

Flyer Graphic Design – when people think about creating a business flyer, they always think A5 flyer size. In fact, we design more A5 flyers than any other product. However, despite its diminutive size, there are many advantages to downsizing […]

Flyer Design Printing – The difference size can make

The flyer comes in many shapes and sizes. So how do you know which flyer design is going to be most effective for your promotion? Here is our quick guide to choosing the right flyer for your marketing campaign. The A6 Postcard. As […]

Flyer Design – The importance of Variety.

If you, like me, prefer the adverts to most of the TV shows in between then you will understand the importance of variety in promotion. Rarely does a company run and run the same advert. They may use the same […]