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5 Top Tips For Creating A Successful Flyer Design

There is much more to creating a successful flyer design than simply great graphic design. Every element of the campaign has to be well planned and work in harmony to engage the right customers and get them to make the […]

How A Business Logo Design Becomes A Brand.

In itself, having a logo is not the same thing as having a brand for a company. Although the logo is an important part, a brand is something much greater than just an icon. It includes the colours, the style, […]

Leaflet Graphic Design – The Art of the Menu or Pricelist.

We design promotional leaflets for all kinds of businesses and purposes – from launching new products to hitting customers with exclusive discounts. However, one use of leaflets which always provides our graphic designers with a unique challenge is the creation […]

Leaflet Design for Internet Businesses

In this post we explore how leaflet design can be effective for internet businesses. As more and more companies move their operations online, the world of online advertising is becoming increasingly competitive and it can be hard for new internet-based […]

Leaflet Design: Why Leaflets are making a Comeback

For a long time, Add Design noticed that mailed promotions such as leaflets and flyers were the most common marketing spends by most companies. Over the past couple of years, though, this started to shift to online promotion. This was […]

Business Flyer Design – Getting the Right Image

If you run a business, it’s highly likely that at some point you will want to run a promotion. You might be hoping to promote a new service, product or simply make your company more high profile. Whatever you are […]

Key Uses of Flyers, Leaflets and Brochures

Here at Add Design, we work on a whole range of graphic design projects. Some of the things we get asked to design for clients most often are flyers, leaflets and brochures. These are all really popular ways of advertising […]