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It is not only big glossy companies which can benefit from professional graphic design, as our Essex graphic designer team have proven many times over the years. Alongside some of the larger and more glamorous companies we work with, there are many practical, local businesses who are new to the whole idea of marketing for new business and are unaware of the big difference a small investment in graphic design can make. And as Essex graphic designers we are especially attuned to the needs of smaller, local companies and start-ups who aspire to compete both locally and nationally. Based in Essex, our graphic designer team can work effectively with companies from all over the UK.

In this case study we examine how our Essex graphic designer team were able to transform the branding and presence of an Essex logistics company, in print, online and even on the road. Ever since Eddie Stobart and other large trucking companies realised the value of branding, a distinctive look has become one of the keys to success in the logistics industry. Having taken on a new sales manager, the company was looking for ideas to help them compete with very big competition.

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Logo Design

The company had never had a professional logo design, so we started by designing a range of new logo concepts. The new logo needed to capture the history of the company as a well established provider, while not looking outdated. Logistics is increasingly a technology driven business so the new brand needed to be looking forward rather than backwards.

Once the logo was refined, we designed stationery to demonstrate how the logo would work with a new colour scheme and set of graphics. The stationery would be a key way to introduce the new identity to existing customers, so it was important that the letterheads, compliment slips and business card designs were distinctive enough to get noticed while not scaring existing customers with radical change.

Vehicle Graphics

One of the key brand identifiers for the company are the lorries themselves. They are also a key form of advertising, helping to get the company name and the brand out into the world. If a potential customer has already noticed the lorries on the road, they are much more open to a sales approach by the company.

We build a brand new design for the lorry graphics based around the logo and the new colour scheme. Using our Photoshop skills we could ‘project’ the new graphics onto photos of the existing lorries to give the client a highly accurate view of how the new vehicle graphic design would look.

Using a template supplied by the signwriters, we supplied the final graphics millimetre perfect to ensure great reproduction on the vehicle.

Overview Brochure Design

With the new vehicle graphics complete, we advised the customer to hire a professional photographer to take new photographs for promotional literature. One of the company’s key selling points is that they run their own vehicles so we wanted to push this to the forefront of the marketing material.

To avoid the time and expense of a large corporate brochure, we recommended a 6 page folded brochure design to provide a professional overview of the company and its capabilities. Designed in the brand colours, with the new vehicle photos central to the design, the brochure was designed to create an impact with new leads and demonstrate that the company had the resources and professionalism to meet big company demands.

We also designed and worded an introduction letter signed by the MD to create a personal introduction to the company.


All the new sales activity needed to be supported with a professional website design. At this stage a simple brochure website was all that was required to reinforce the brand and the key messages of the new marketing material.

The website design was focused on converting visits into concrete leads by making the contact details clear on all pages, and using a quote request form to make it easy for customers to make initial contact.

A simple website self-management system allowed the company to post updates and latest news, showing the company as a dynamic and well-informed supplier with plenty going on.


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