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If you’re reading this then it’s likely that you are contemplating getting a brochure designed and printed, but perhaps you’re not sure what type of brochure design would be best to promote your business.

Our graphic designers at Add Design have put together this quick overview of each standard brochure option with information on what makes them effective and how each format can help businesses get the attention and customers they are looking for.

A4 4 Page brochure

Need an introductory brochure for your business? Then the A4 4 page brochure could be an excellent and cost-effective choice. It has the size and presence of a standard A4 brochure, but with only 4 pages of information.  This makes it perfect if you are after something that you can give to potential customers after that all important initial meeting or if you need a simple company overview to send along side an introductory letter or quote.

As well as company overviews, it is also suitable for data sheets, product cards, business newsletters to name just a few.  Many larger B-2-B companies create a A4 4 page brochure for each product or service range they offer. This allows them to target individual customers with just the information they need, and avoids having to create a single large corporate brochure which can easily out-date.

A4 6 Page brochure

If you want a company overview brochure, but have a larger number of services you’d like to promote then the A4 6 page brochure can be can excellent choice and alternative to the traditional 4 page option.  With 6 individual pages to play with it provides a huge amount of versatility. Perhaps you could have a page for each service or product? Or stretch all the information across the wide centre spread.

The A4 6 page also creates a strong presence. Each page folds out to one single wide centre  spread which looks great and with the right design can be extremely effective at engaging readers.

A5 Portrait/Landscape

A5 brochures, available in both portrait and landscape, are a suitable size for a small product brochure or catalogue. They don’t generally have the presence or impact of the A4 but are extremely convenient for people to pick up off shop counters or from racks and can be posted out on a single stamp making them cost effective for direct mail promotions.

As well as product brochures, the A5 is provides excellent event brochures and guides, tourist booklets, newsletters and mini magazines.

A4 Portrait/Landscape

If you have more a lot to say about your business and it’s products or services, then the A4 brochure is the traditional choice. Available in both portrait and landscape it is great for handing out as an introductory brochure explaining all the client needs to know about your business, services and products in one place.

The A4 is also ideal for a large product catalogue, detailed company newsletter or magazines, making it a very versatile brochure design option. There is no limit on the number of pages a brochure can have, and a number of finishing options such as spot UV or lamination can add some extra interest to this traditional brochure design option.


Now if you’re looking for an eye catching and modern alternative to the A4 brochure, then look no further than a square design.  Providing 21×21 centimetres of space, the square brochure is popular with modern and creative companies. They provide a contemporary alternative to traditional formats while still remaining professional and practical.

A square brochure also means that you are not restricted to portrait or landscape picture orientations which makes them extremely flexible when it comes to design and layout.

Corporate Folder with Inserts

This is the most flexible brochure option and is very popular with sales teams. Available in A5 and A4, corporate folders have an inside pocket to hold company marketing material and paperwork.  Slightly larger than A4 and printed on good quality card they give very professional first impression and ensure that all the  paperwork is kept together neatly, all in one place under the company brand.

They are ideal for putting together quotes and specific product information unique to each customer and the perfect accessory to further your branding and to ensure that your client keeps the information for future reference. With business card slots cut to the inner flap they can also be personalised to each sales person and will ensure that company contact details are always close to your customers’ hand.

 If you need any further information to help you decide which brochure is right for you, or want to discuss the design of your brochure why not have a chat with one of our Essex brochure design experts on 0845 6436 395 or drop us an enquiry, we’d love to hear from you.