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So you’re thinking about having some flyers created for your business, but with so much choice out there how can you decide what type of flyer is best for your business?

Our flyer designers at Add Design have put together a short summary of each flyer option as a way to help you decide what flyer option will sell your business in the most effective way.

A6 Postcard

The A6 Postcard is a small but powerful promotional tool. It’s smaller dimensions are perfect for a one off promotion advertising an event, a product or a special offer. It’s the kind of size that people would keep and stick on their fridge to refer to later.

Postcards are ideal if you have one simple key message that you want to get across, and are great to use as hand outs, to post through people’s doors, to leave on a shop counter for people to pick up and peruse over as they enjoy their coffee, or perhaps to slip into shopping bags with each purchase.

They are also the most cost effective flyer design option, leaving you with money to spare for other promotions or marketing material.

A5 Flyer

If you have a one off promotion, special offer or want to give a brief introduction of your business, then the A5 flyer may be the perfect choice. It is our most popular option by far as it has plenty of room to promote your message, with space left over for all the finer details.

The A5 flyer is usually the preferred choice for magazine inserts, posting through local letterboxes and as effective hand outs. Unlike bigger options it can also be sent out on a standard stamp which also makes it a cost-effective mailer.  Couple with the right design, the A5 flyer can give you the impact you want but remain friendly to your marketing budget.

A4 Flyer

If you have a lot more than just one simple message to say, then the A4 flyer offers double the space of a traditional A5 flyer. This makes them perfect for short newsletters, instruction or data cards, folder inserts, product cards or sales letters. Whilst being a slightly less convenient size for handouts or posting through letterboxes then it’s A5 counterpart,  it can be ideal as a pick me up at an exhibition where you want your flyer to stand out over everyone else’s.

This format is also popular with companies or departments with a more generous marketing budget who want to make a ‘splash’ with potential customers, in spite of the higher postage cost.

Square Flyer

If you want to forget tradition,  you can chose a cutting edge square flyer design. Available in small (12cm) and large (21cm), square flyers are usually chosen by modern businesses looking to create impact with style.

Square flyers are suited to innovative and creative businesses looking to stand out from the crowd. Like a postcard, the small sized square flyers make the ideal handout, work great on shop counters, are convenient for posting through letterboxes, and are more likely than a larger sized flyer to be kept on a fridge for future reference.

The large square flyers are a perfect alternative to the A4 flyer at exhibitions, pick-up points or inserted into A4 magazines. Although they are a costlier size for direct mailing campaigns, the square flyer format should ensure these flyers engage a greater number of people and say more about your business than words and design alone.

DL Flyer

The traditional DL Flyer is an extremely popular choice for three types of businesses.

Firstly, for tourist attractions because the DL fits perfectly in local tourist information leaflet holders.

Secondly, for businesses who use CL sized envelopes because the DL flyer can slot in perfectly in with any letter  you send out to your customers.

Thirdly, for businesses which want to feature a menu of different options on their promotion as the tall and thin DL flyer is perfect for listing food, beauty treatments or product/service options.

Die-Cut Flyer

So what is a Die Cut flyer?

Die Cut flyers can be cut to nearly any shape you desire making them an extremely innovative way to stand out from your competitors.  For example, if you’re exhibiting at a wedding show and you sell wedding flowers, why not have a flyer in the shape of a bridal bouquet? Or if you sell cars, why not have a car shaped flyer? Anything is possible with a Die Cut flyers.

Stuck for inspiration, one of our most popular Die cut options are circular shaped flyers, ideal for giving your company an instantly creative and innovative feel.

Still not sure what flyer to use? We are here to help. Why not have a chat with one of our Essex flyer designers or London graphic designers. Call us on 0845 6436 395 or drop us an enquiry.