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Why The Business Card Is The Most Important Piece Of Marketing For New Businesses

Yes it’s true, we believe that the humble 85mm x 55mm business card is still one of the most essential business tools for new businesses, even through the web of online media and social networking.

Getting out and meeting people is still one of the most effective ways of finding new quality business. When you attend those early networking meetings or end up chatting to a friend of a friend it is a good quality business card design which makes sure your networking efforts aren’t wasted. A business card is more than just contact details, it is a representation of your business. When you are a new business, you have very little previous work to talk about and build confidence in a new customer. Your business card then becomes key to how new customers perceive you and your business. It is vital to get it right.

Things to consider when ordering business cards.

Here are a few things to consider when it comes to creating your business cards to ensure that you make the best possible first impression.

1. Make sure that you choose the correct contact details to feature on the card.

Whether you realise it or not, the details you give on your business card create an impression of your business to potential customers. Using a @hotmail or similar address can raise questions about professionalism – especially in a b2b environment. Having only a mobile number shows that you are always out and about, and maybe don’t have the support of an office. Having a house name as part of the address will tell customers that you work from home. Your choice of job title will also determine how potential customers will talk and interact with you.

There are no right and wrong answers when it comes to business card details, but make sure your choice of details fits in with your market and target customers.

2. Consider including key social media contacts.

Social networks are an extremely popular way of communicating with, and ‘checking up’ on, the people you meet. It can therefore be beneficial to include social media network logos and usernames on your business cards. This is especially valuable if you don’t yet have a website, as it still provides an established way for new clients to check our your credentials online.

If you do have a website, then QR codes are becoming an established way for people to quickly access your website from a smartphone and are becoming a common addition to the standard business card.

3. Think about the design. A lot.

People often think about business cards as a simple collection of contact details. They are much more than this. They are a marketing device, and a key way to establish your company and brand in the mind of a customer. Although it can be tempting for new businesses to save money and opt for ‘template’ cards – by doing so, you are not getting the full advantage a business card can offer. A bespoke professional design may need further investment and thought, but by visually engaging potential clients with your business card the chances of sparking up a conversation or making an impression are dramatically increased.

Compared to a lot of marketing, professionally designed business cards are a small investment. However they have the potential to make a big difference to the business you get.

4. Consider the final quality.

Before printing your new business cards, make sure you know exactly how they will look when they are delivered. Many printers will reduce costs by producing business cards on a thinner 280gsm or 300gsm card. For great results, we recommend that cards should be printed on at least a 350gsm card.

Depending on how you are going to distribute your business cards, it can also be worth considering some finishing options. A gloss or matt lamination will not only add thickness and quality to your card, it will also add additional protection – which is especially important if you distribute your business cards out and about.

For innovative and creative businesses looking to make an impression, there is also the options of die-cutting the card into a unique shape or adding a selective spot-UV gloss to certain parts of the card. These additions can really make a business card design stand out, but you also need to consider practicality. If your business card won’t fit into a standard business card holder, then the chances of it being kept by a potential customer are greatly reduced.

Need help with your business cards? At Add Design our experienced Essex graphic designers have designed bespoke business cards for all kinds and sizes of business. Get in touch with us to find out more about our fixed price business card design service.